David Verbrugge Sales Representative

David Verbrugge Sales Representative

Buy Your Home the Right Way

Buy Your Home The Right Way

Image of a houseKingsway Real Estate Brokerage is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Greater Toronto Area. With the most comprehensive and frequent training in Canada, Kingsway sales representatives have access to more resources and direct training than the typical REALTOR®. The training I receive benefits you, the home buyer, because it enables me to effectively and efficiently locate resale homes that interest you and negotiate the best price for you in a competitive market.

I do the hard work! Whether this is the first home you are buying or you have bought before, I will make it easy for you. My home buyer's plan starts with working out your home purchase budget and helping you to become pre-qualified for mortgage, locating suitable neighbourhoods, showing you available homes for sale in the areas you like, and ends with me negotiating the lowest practical purchase price for your chosen resale home.

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, relocating or simply moving, I will make it easy. Do you need financing? Home inspection services? A place to store your belongings so you can simplify your move? I can help! Best of all, I include valuable free services when you buy your home with me.


Start with the Right Price - What Can You Afford?

Before you start house-hunting, determine the size of your down payment and what you can realistically afford to pay every month for your mortgage. Don't forget to consider the effect on your lifestyle.

You can find helpful tips here and from your financial institution:


An offer to purchase a home is a legal contract. Make sure you can fulfill your legal obligations by becoming pre-qualified for the mortgage amount you need. Most banks, trust companies and mortgage brokers will gladly review your financial situation and mortgage loan requirements with you to determine the maximum amount they will lend you. They will then give you a pre-qualification letter for the amount they are willing to lend.

Note that pre-qualification is merely a statement that you could qualify for a mortgage loan of some certain amount based on the information you provided. Even with pre-qualification, a lender can turn down your request for a mortgage loan or impose various conditions at the last minute based on the price you offered, your down payment, the location of the home, the type of home, and other factors important to the lender. Most lenders will also want the home appraised before they advance mortgage funds to your lawyer to close your purchase. If possible, ask your lender for a commitment letter.


Decide On a Location

House prices vary greatly and are affected by location, style and age of home, neighbourhood amenities, 'walkability' etc. Neighbourhoods in the GTA vary considerably in ethnic and cultural mix, home types, and home values. A good source for Toronto and GTA neighbourhood info is http://www.torontoneighbourhoods.net/. Also check out my neighbourhood information pages.

If you have an idea of which city / neighbourhood you want to live in and the type of home you want, give me a call or contact me through this web site - I'll research the current price data for your chosen neighbourhood and send you a free, no-obligation comparative market analysis. The more you can tell me about the type of neighbourhood and home you want, the more I can help you. You can also set up and save one or more automatic property searches here on my web site.


Decide On a Closing Date

When do you need to move? Is the date flexible? What happens if you haven't purchased another home by that date? These factors will help to set the closing date for your purchase. These will also be points to consider later when negotiating with a seller.


What Will I Do to Help You Buy a Home?

My 20-point buyer' plan includes advertising your home search as widely as possible: online, through social media, and networking. The first step is make sure we are looking at the right price and home type by using a comparative market analysis of your chosen neighbourhood. If you sign a buyer representation with me, I'll also register your home search to enlist seller's agents who may have a suitable home.


I will advertise your property search on a variety of online sites. This is some of them:

  • my website,
  • the Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage website
  • HomeFinders.ca
  • Realtor.ca
  • Social media websites
  • the Buyer's Registry of the Brampton Real Estate Board's MLS® (common with Toronto Real Estate Board's MLS®)*


When needed and if necessary, I advertise your search in the local community newspaper and in real estate focused magazines. Also, if needed, I print and distribute flyers and post cards to your chosen neighbourhood to alert potential sellers.

Social Media

My website enables people to share buyer and seller listings with their friends via hundreds of different Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. My network of fellow REALTORS® on social media will be alerted to your search so they can immediately start finding sellers in your chosen neighbourhood.


Your search will be advertised to my colleagues and associates at Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage through our exclusive newsletter, our web site and our internal office systems. We have more than 650 salespersons and brokers to look for potential home sellers in your selected area. In addition, I use social media to alert my associates at other real estate brokerages.

Multiple Listing Service®

Your home search will be listed in the Buyer's Registry section of the Brampton Real Estate Board MLS® which is shared with the the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and other real estate boards in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

I will diligently search for suitable listings that may be posted to the MLS® and to Realtor.ca, and keep you informed of new listings that match your property search.

Open Houses

I will keep you informed of Open Houses in your selected neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Flyers

People in your chosen neighbourhood may be thinking of selling or may known neighbours who are thinking of selling. I'll tap into this local resource, when needed and necessary, by distributing flyers to your chosen neighbourhood to make them aware that a potential buyer is waiting for a suitable property in the area.


How Do I Make It Easy?

You want the least amount of stress and hassle so I do as much of the hard work for you as possible when you sign a buyer agreement with me.

Home Search

I continually look for current and new listings that might interest you.

Home Viewing

When you see a resale home that interests you, call me and I'll arrange for you to view the home. I'll answer any questions you have about the home before and after you view it.

Neighbourhood Amenities

I'll find out which amenities are important to you and identify them and how near they are to your chosen location. This includes schools, houses of worship, shopping centres, etc. that you tell me are important to you. Also, if there are specific things you don't want to live close to, let me know and I'll find out for you.

Offer and Negotiations

After you find the home you like, in the area you like, I'll help write up your offer to purchase, making sure to include clauses and/or conditions, as needed, to protect your interests.

Extra Services

I go above and beyond to provide you extra services. See next section below.


Extra Services

Extra Services


Home Inspection
(of purchased urban or suburban home)

green checkmark

key in a door lock

Rekey Locks
(for purchased home)

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Up to 6 locks


Home Inspection

If you prefer, and if a home inspection report is not available for your chosen property, I pay for a qualified home inspector to view the property and provide you with a written report. I encourage you to view the property with the home inspector so you can ask question as the inspection proceeds.

All home inspections arranged through me will be carried out by a certified home inspector from Pillar-to-Post or The Home Coach or, if you prefer, a certified home inspector of your choice.

Rekey Locks

How many people have had keys to the home you purchased? Do you know where those keys are? I'll give you peace of mind by arranging for up to six exterior doors to be re-keyed and for you to receive two sets of keys. Relax, knowing that no one else has the keys to your home.


What Do I Charge?

To help you buy a home there is usually no charge to you, the home buyer.

The Seller typically pays commission to the Listing Broker and the Listing Broker typically splits that commission with the Buyer's Broker. My commission as a buyer's representative is therefore typically paid by the seller even though I represent you and not them. Please be aware that the typical arrangements do not apply to homes offered for sale directly by the owner or listed by some discount brokerages.


Have Questions?

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